Enough to make me weak.


She is heaven on earth for me

What true happiness is supposed to be

I just wish you all could see what I see

Cause I see something beyond the ordinary,

She is rare and almost perfect,

Cause even her flaws are beautiful,

Her beauty cannot be defined

For her hair alone is richer the fine grains of the Namib desert

Her face a mantle of life as it provides light to everything around it

Her smile the epitome of glory as it shakes the core of what many call “cute”

Her grace unrivaled you’d think she floats in air when she comes towards you

With eyes that keep me on ‘numb mode’ for hours

They invite and ignite unlettered responses from my fragile hollow body

As I am transported to a portal I call ‘dumbzonia’

Its where dumb me goes everytime I see her

And what a blessing it is to see


Forgetting how to breathe has become a daily routine

As my lungs collapse

And time ceases to lapse

As my heart skips a beats perhaps

Not perhaps, it definitely skips a beat

Going in tune with the glare of her smile

As I try not to look dry

For I feel deprived

Deprived of her in my life….

For she is a queen

Reigns supreme

As sole heir to my affection and adoration

For I have put myself up for auction

To her loving salvation

For if not her

Who will nourish my life with sweetness she has come to bestow

I know I sound weird

And like a soap opera hunk

But she makes weak…

You can call her my kryptonite

For without her I feel I am in a cave

Locked in and without hope

And lastly, SHE GETS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one ever gets me

But she did and does get me

I can never make her understand how much that means to me

But I can I just tell her I wont ever take it for granted

It will take an ocean of ink

To put her in words

For she far from normal

She Is everything I will ever need and more

So for this I pray with me she forever stays….

the blind lie
the west is selling
they dug a huge hole
and the believer felt in
they took away our shame
replaced it with being cool
and part of the game
the religion looks strange
and out of range
with the common young turk
thats why our vocab
is full of words like what that f***
to the point
he “who submits”
admits to being in a relationship
expects a standing ovation
for deceiving a sister
into his web of illusions
intense profusions
of love quotes
and how shes the beat the high notes
of his heart
i mean its clear shaitan plays a part
he’s just “boy wa base”
but with her, hes shakespear in place
flirtered, she gives a blush
no restraint or a hush
jots down her #
in a flash
but we pretend it does no harm
i mean, ”we dont touch”
we just keep in touch
talk and use words
but words are shaitans warplanes
yet to this FAKE LOVE we remain
and what of the sisters
who seek misters
daringly showing off
all eyes on them,
they care nothing of
take a flash
post it in facebook let them comment on.
yeah stinking of perfume
yet sadly aware of the sin they assume

am not perfect ya ikhwaan
but isnt it enough
that we know these haram relationship lead to nothing
but sin and punishment
i remind myself first and then you
to repent to Allah
and start a new
for the prophet(s.a.w) said
” “Allaah rejoices more over the repentance of His slave than any one of you who finds his camel after having lost it in a desolate land.” Agreed upon.
so lets stop this western filth
and return to Allah and islam.



How to write about Muslims – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

with drowsy eyes
and aching thighs
he rises
in the midst of the dark nights
while the world is at slumber
to shaitans whispers he wont fall under
ignoring his senses
he procedes
to the normal cleanses
as with wudhuu
he knows his purity
will shine through
inshaallah on yawmul deen
when his noor will be seen
feet firmly placed
hands across his chest
his Creators beauty he wishes to atest
begins with takbirah
hoping to Allah he will get nearer
its all clearer
when he goes to rukuu
knowing hes bowing
to the One who gave him feet
oh how his heart is lit
with this blessing of his
raises his hands to make sure his heard
no words can describe sujuud
cause the feeling is too good
placing his face
and submitting to ALLAH
and acknowledging his graces
showered upon him and you
like the morning dew
cause with sujuud he knows hes too close
so he asks and asks
for mercy and jannah
hands across his chest
he recites the qunuut
requesting acceptance
for his repentance
and his brothers he wont forget
though the world neglects
He asks Allah to free Palestine
bring peace to syria
end oppression in Iraq
and restore beautiful somalia
to what it was earlier
embedded in his heart
are the ayat
from Allah
“intansurullah yansurukum’
turning to Allah is his only option
so what of you and i
when 5 times we fail
and are too frail
to stand before HE SUBHANAH
yet we wail
when affliction befall us

dont be a stranger to your CREATOR


as i yawn
at the break of dawn
risen has the sun
for a new day has begun
the morning dew
apparent everywhere like grandmas stew
blessed is he whose purified for a new start she always says
and thats how i start my days
my humble abode
made of cyprus and straw
built from scratch you may call it raw
nothing fancy
but still home
i saddle up lighty
thats my horse
she used to be fast and mighty
now am contemplating divorce
with a kick we go our way
passing by miss hellen
ever smiling tending her peas and beans
am often lonely but i shrug the thought of us in a pod
passed the multiple well built shacks we pass
into the outskirts we arrive
a stream gushes forth
left in awe everyday by this awesome display
of natures beauty that never seem to decay
but am here to hunt
follow a trail
that i was taught by my father
to a place where the beasts gather
its deep in the heartland
where nature reigns supreme
but the best hunt all seem to be
i spot a large boar
with flick of my arrow
i end its sorrow
its like the rays all shine onto me
as my heart is filled with joy i cannot decree
if i had a mate
she would be happy for my catch
so after skinning the beast me and lighty depart
trotting back home
smoke is visible on every homestead
as families gather to share the day spent
back where it all begun
awaiting the sun
to bring forth another day…………………

simpler times
better lives
no homicides no knives
no commotion
no explosion
no pollution
no corruption
no confusion
would it be
that i would spend a day
and enjoy the peace and comfort of a house made from hay